Consent Access Flow

What is Consent Access (CA)?

Consent Access (CA) is an API made available by that allows you to request access to a variety of user data from a singlesource. It sits on top of a very powerful and secure sync engine which allows users to connect to, retrieve and normalize their datafrom various service providers (social, financial, health, etc) and store it in a library using a service under their control (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).

CA allows you to ask for access to user data according to a contract that describes what type of data you are requesting, whatyou will and will not do with it, for what purpose, how long you will retain it and if you will implement the right to forget the userdata.

For more info on how users share data with 3rd parties follow this link:

Which sources of data are available?

For a current list of sources, please see this link:

Which platforms are supported by the app and CA?

The app is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, while CA is available for Android and iOS platforms.

At the highest level, Consent Access (CA) is an API from that enables you to ask a user for consent to access some of their data. You do this by proposing a contract with the user that spells out what type of data you want, what you will and won't do with it, how long you will retain it and if you will implement the right to be forgotten.

1. Register one or more CA contracts with and specify a PUBLIC_KEY with which can encrypt user data for your app

2. Initiate CA by calling the app with your app_id and contract_id 

3. The app will fetch the contract, present it to the user and ask for consent

4. If the user accepts the contract, two things happen: 

- The CA API starts preparing user data for your app according to what was specified in the contract
- The CA API will return a session_id to your app 

5. Using your app_id and session_id , you will query the API for available data (contained in files)

6. For each available file, you will:

- Fetch the file
- Decrypt it using your PRIVATE_KEY

CA Flow Diagram

Here is a diagram representing the flow Consent Access (CA) Flow  - 01 Top Level

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